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All the latest gossip, news and articles from Cirrus Design Studio Ltd.

September 2023

WIX Partners - Q&A with Avishai Abrahami - Wix's CEO

Cirrus Design Studio was invited to attend the exclusive Q&A with Avishai Abrahami - Wix's CEO and Gali Erez, GM, Head of Wix Studio yesterday evening at a swan

June 2022

Cirrus Goes Green

Not only are our servers powered by green energy we have now gone fully paperless and have taken possession of the new Volkswagen ID3 fully electric cars!

May 2022

Business turns a blind eye to IT security

Since the invasion of Ukraine cyber attacks on UK businesses have risen sharply as Russia - one of the world's most prolific IT cyber attackers - sharpens its d

April 2022

Save money on your energy bill

Devices left on standby are costing the UK energy bill payer on average £147 every year and it's literally throwing money down the drain!

April 2022

How to create a really safe password

A brief guide to setting up a safe and secure password for use on social media and as a website login.

April 2022

5 Website Mistakes & How to avoid them

A short guide to avoiding the 5 most dangerous website mistakes almost all web designers make.

February 2022

WIX 5 Star Partner

Cirrus traditionally is a bespoke online company but recently we have become a WIX 5 star partner taking a dip into the WIX prepared content management systems.

December 2021

Cirrus becomes a Google partner

Google Partners is a marketing programme for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.

May 2021

The Power of the Micro-Influencer

We got introduced to the TRIBE Platform this week and the power of the Micro-Influencer in the huge growth Social Media platforms.

April 2021

The Power of Digital Marketing

Harness the power of Google marketing platforms like Google AdWords to maximise your online marketing strategy for maximum conversion to profit.

December 2020

Violegen appoints CDS as Digital Agency

Violegen (A division of Cellecta Holdings) has appointed Cirrus Design Studio Ltd as their Digital Agency responsible for all SEM.

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