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Cirrus joins the greenies!

VW ID 3For some time now we have used sustainable servers to host our clients on - in fairness most hosting providers do this by default anyway but to really add some environmental impact to our business or rather reduce it we have taken possession of the all new Volkswagen ID3 fully electric cars!

This is great news for our director of marketing and general running about go-getter Gary who can hang up his bicycle clips and get his cash back by visiting clients in London's Green Zone.

Silence is golden!

The all new fully electric ID3 car fits well with Gary's penchant for playing cricket as it is sure to be welcomed upon the grand playing fields - it being all green and clean.

What does this mean for our clients?

That's simple: when you commission us and we come to meet you - you're actually helping to save the planet! Think of those polar bears you'll save by using Cirrus Design Studio!

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